Wednesday, October 20, 2010

.opposite of small.

I visited a Kindergarten class to say hello to the teacher and the class. This was what was said within the first 30 seconds.

Teacher: "Class, I would like to introduce you to our new friend."

Kindergartener 1: "Whoa, you're big!"

Kindergartener 2: "Can you touch the ceiling?"

Kindergartener 3: "Yeah, touch the ceiling!"

Kindergartener 1: "My uncle is so big, that he can't even fit in our basement."

Kindergartener 2: "Touch the ceiling!"

Me: "Thank you. I know, I'm really big.

Teacher: "Mr. Kimball helped us put up things on the wall that we couldn't reach."

Kindergartener 2: "Can you touch the ceiling?"


  1. this one's my favorite ever. and i like to imagine that happens no matter what building/room/establishment/restaurant you go into.

  2. but did you touch the ceiling?